The Pros and Cons of Open Office Design Plans

The Pros and Cons of Open Office Design Plans

If you consider the average employee, it’s not far-fetched to say they spend the majority of their time at work. Therefore employers who want to improve productivity should focus on creating an ideal work environment. Doing so involves considering different office design plans and their pros and cons. One of the popular office design plans is that of an open office.

What Are Open Office Design Plans?

When discussing open office design plans, this refers to the layout of the office environment. As the name suggests, an open office design plan is one where the office environment is just one big space as opposed to cubicles. In a nutshell, open office design plans are usually best in creative and collaborative environments.

The Pros of an Open Office Design Plan

There are several advantages of having an open office design plan. For instance, a well-designed open space can be visually pleasing. However, the biggest benefit of such a design is that it facilitates smooth communication between employees since there are no barriers. Therefore, team members can easily collaborate on various projects successfully. Another benefit of open office space is that the seating and furniture arrangement can be quickly altered to reflect any changes, such as when a new employee is added to a specific project team and needs to be seated closer to other team members.

The Cons of an Open Office Design Plan

One of the biggest cons of an open office design plan is that it can affect productivity. According to research, 45% of employees in the US are less likely to work in open-space offices compared to employees in other countries. That’s because there are bound to be more distractions as employees can see and hear more about what’s going on in their environment. Some employees are also not keen on working in open-space offices because of the lack of privacy. In addition, some employees feel like they are being constantly watched, and this can elicit negative feelings, such as anxiety and discomfort.

Different businesses have different office design plans that work for them. Now that you know the advantages and downsides of an open design plan, you can use that knowledge to see how your business can benefit from this type of design plan. Want to know more about other office design plans that might work for you? Get in touch to discuss your options with the experts.

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