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Store more things more conveniently than ever before.

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Great Openings completes your workspace and reduces stress, with innovative storage solutions that bring order through organization.  Their eleven product categories reflect up-to-the-minute research into a rapidly changing work environment, with elements designed to blend seamlessly with your existing furnishings.  They serve large and small businesses, start-up teams, commercial enterprises, education and healthcare institutions as well as government buildings with an extensive GSA program.  Great Openings products are made-to-order at their western Michigan plant, typically on 10 to 15-day lead times, with most backed by a lifetime warranty.  Their unique line of lockers, for example, are perfect for shared spaces, socially-distanced or individual workstations, or a mobile workforce, with lock technologies ranging from RFID to a “bring your own padlock” hasp lock.

You can choose from personal storage, lockers, pedestals, laterals, desking, height adjustable desks, tables, soft seating, stools and seating, general storage and recycling stations.  Lines include Trace, with intuitive storage options; Cayenne, with low-profile storage cabinets complemented by legs, tops, screens and towers to add privacy and protection; and Sparkeology—imaginative pieces that spark creativity, enable organization, and empower collaboration.

In a world full of distractions, a clean, organized workspace promotes focus and efficiency.

The Great Openings Inspiration Gallery will help you make sound decisions, and the Finish Center will enable you to match existing items from AllSteel, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Steelcase and Teknion.  Great Openings fills your storage gaps with the all-important component of a place for your stuff—wherever you land! 

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