Is Your Space Inviting To Your Existing and Prospective Teammates?

Is Your Space Inviting To Your Prospects and Existing Clients?

Is Your Space Inviting to YOU?

Corporate Source Can Help!

If you are an End User the Furniture Imagination process can often seem daunting, stressful, and hectic. You may have been asked to accept this task while attending to ALL of your normal duties! Life is sometimes unfair. Corporate Source exists to help you with making the daunting manageable, making the stress more FUN, helping you with an organized process to the entire project.

If you are a CRE Project Manager, a Architectural and Design professional, Corporate Source exists to support your efforts while you support your client. We are the thinking mind, the helping hands, the deep and wide resources designed to help you, to make you look like the Rock Star that you are in your client’s eyes.

Hey, we are good at this; let us show you!


Browse our collections of premier office products and lines from the best office furnishing manufacturers. Whatever your office space needs we have the people and products to make it an agile, collaborative workspace.

Our Services

  • CAD
  • Renderings
  • Showrooms
  • Fabrics

Our Team

Our professional and experienced teams organize your space into a collaborative and agile one, ensuring the furnishings, equipment and space is set up with your preferences and business needs in mind. We organize your space to maximize workspace efficiency.

Office Planning

We work with you, paying close attention to your needs and design preferences, and implement a design plan according to your desired business environment. Our clients benefit from our experience rendering options for layout, design, furnishings, finishings, fabrics, and other workspace aesthetics.

Exceptional Service

Our clients love our complimentary concierge and client support, relying on our dedicated team of support professionals to provide unique services which make relocation an ease, such as leadership follow-up and project tracking software. We ensure you’re included in your entire relocation process for a smooth, swift and pleasurable experience.