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Our Focus is On You

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Our focus is on the “middle, little” business community

…the company that is an exciting start-up through that first-time new office with new furniture, to that second, third office where growth and success are firmly in place. Corporate Source is there to blend the transitions of environments, team growth, and financial abilities—always highlighting the culture of that firm’s success.

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Our focus is on providing you with payment options

…that range from check, purchasing, credit card, and ACH—all accepted on our website or great leasing options that stretch your reserves into a payment stream. Our leasing options also allow you to incorporate “soft costs” like data cabling, moving services, and decommissioning your old space.

Our focus is on enduring relationships icon

Our focus is on enduring relationships

…driven by predictable and stable service, products, and people that you like.

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Our focus is on top-quality furniture

…that meets a fit, form, function, and aesthetic to accommodate the look and durability decision of business people who know what they want and understand the value of a dollar well used.

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Make Your Office More Into a Workspace.

Reception Areas, Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Lounge and Break Rooms, Training Areas plus so much more.

We Speak the Language of the Contemporary Office; Work From Home, Hybrid, Work from Work.

Thoughtfully-Planned Office Furniture. With the right mix of products, planning, and creativity.


Compelling Workspace Solutions Don’t Come Easily.

They are born in the midst of cutting-edge technology, modern materials, old fashioned creativity and hard work.

Our solutions are tailored to encouraging the diverse needs of employees.


C-Suite and Client-Facing Contract Furniture and Accessories.

More than 200 manufacturers to choose from.



Is Your Workspace Compelling?

In a world where we are constantly on the move – coming, going, standing or sitting. You can count on us to create environments that fit your work style.

Corporate Source’s imagineers work with you to create furnishings that are tailored to the word “compelling.“