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The Adaptive Workspace

We Speak the Language of the Contemporary Office

Corporate Source is helping companies navigate the changing dynamics of a post-pandemic environment. We strive to help clients preserve contact, continuity and collaboration, protect the health and safety of their teams, and foster productivity at every level of the organization. It may involve different solutions for those who come to the office every day and others who utilize it as their base or touch-down point.

The Texas Workplace Podcast

Our parent company, Total Office Solutions, is sponsoring a new weekly podcast on all things office-related. We embrace our role in creating the stage on which your team can show off its skills—especially as it transforms in new and different ways. We want to help you elevate the human element, rediscover the joy of enabling people to perform at their peak, and achieve new levels of business success. Please listen in and provide your insights and feedback, and explore the additional resources assembled here.

Michael Monette, Principal and Founder, TOS Partners

Safety-Minded Office Furniture Solutions

With the right mix of products, planning and creativity, we develop intelligent plans that help address the health and safety demands of today’s offices. From retrofitting existing furnishings with appropriate screening measures to all-new designs from the ground up, our expert team has the perfect fix for your workplace.

Our Manufacturers Shape-Shift Your Work Environment

We’re proud to work with progressive furnishings partners who share our forward-thinking mindset for the future of the workplace. These links shed light on the philosophies of select manufacturers moving forward.

  • Kimball Office: Ready for What’s Next
  • National: Considerations for the New Workplace
  • KI: Partnering Through the Pandemic
  • Clear Design: Rethink Your Workplace for a Safer Future

Ready for What’s Next


Considerations for the New Workplace


Partnering Through the Pandemic

logo-clear-designBrochure: Rethink Your Workplace for a Safer Future


Workspace adaptability is all the buzz as we look to a post-pandemic world, and staying abreast of the latest information is critical in assuring the best outcomes. Below, we’ve curated a collection of articles on the subject.

Creating a New Post-Pandemic Workplace

Creating a New Post-Pandemic Workplace

The biggest pitfall for today’s leaders is assuming things will return to business as usual. To successfully navigate a company through a post-pandemic world, even the most progressive organizations will need to adapt to new realities in the workplace.

Outfitting Workspaces with Modern Technology

Outfitting Workspaces with Modern Technology

Most people agree that in a post-Covid world, open layout floor plans with communal setups are no longer the safest option for offices. So in an office would mean turning it back into cubicles? Not necessarily when you consider a flexible workspace.

7 Leadership Trends in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

7 Leadership Trends in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Businesses must adopt specific employee engagement strategies to ensure that their employees stay engaged and make the workplace as safe as possible. Here are 7 post-pandemic leadership trends that will shape the new normal for businesses.

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We Speak the Language of the Contemporary Office; Work From Home, Hybrid, Work from Work.

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Is Your Workspace Compelling?

In a world where we are constantly on the move – coming, going, standing or sitting. You can count on us to create environments that fit your work style.

Corporate Source’s imagineers work with you to create furnishings that are tailored to the word “compelling.“