Placing Office Furniture in an Open Floor Plan

Placing Office Furniture in an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a typical office design choice for a building’s layout. According to Frontiers, in a study of 456 workers from 20 US architecture firms, 86.7 percent work in an open-plan office. The benefits of an open-plan office include more employee interactions. These employees can interact with coworkers and customers, enabling a company to gain insights into employees’ performance and satisfaction.

As an open floor plan is a design choice that allows interaction and teamwork among employees, it is essential to place furniture in this space. There are many furniture ideas to consider when putting office furniture in an open-plan office.

1. Use an L-Shaped Area

A common way to layout your office furniture is in an L-shaped floor plan. The plan works well when one person is working out of the corner of the room. These offices will work best if you keep them simple and focus on only one activity area at a time. For example, you could use one wall for the entryway and place for your desk, while the other side is used only for workstations.

2. Use a U-Shaped Area

A U-shaped office is much like an L-shaped office except for two things: the U shape can be made even smaller with a straight line connecting the two endpoints, and there are usually two primary areas of activity where they connect.

For example, you could use the left side for clients to come in and out, while using the right side for workstations. This type of office generally works best when there is a lot of collaboration between people. It can also work if you add a curved wall instead of a straight line to separate it.

3. Use a Straight-Line Area

When you don’t have walls in your office, you will quickly find it hard to have any privacy when you need it. One of the best ways to get privacy is to use a line of workstations connected from one end of the room to another.

Hopefully, you now have some excellent ideas about placing office furniture in an open floor plan. You can use one of these methods or create your own unique space that will work for you and your team members. The more comfortable you are in your work environment, the more productive you and your team will be.

If you are stuck on how to layout your office furniture, kindly contact us, and we will help you set up the office for you. Our professional consultants will give you the best advice and help you set up the office according to your work style and needs. We will customize a solution for you and ensure you get the best office layout for your work style.

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