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How to Make Your Office More Elegant After Remote Working?

Without a dedicated office design plan and the right equipment, working remotely can be more difficult than it seems. To give you every chance to achieve your goals remotely, you need to set up a workspace reserved for your professional activities. Thanks to it, you will have more motivation to start working in the morning. In addition, it is the ideal way to prevent your entire home from turning into an extension of your professional workspace. There are some things you can do to make your home office space more elegant. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Choose a Natural Color Palette

Your work environment can have a significant impact on your energy, motivation, and overall well-being. That’s why choosing the right color palette for your office is so important. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the best shades for your home office, some colors are more conducive to boosting energy and reducing stress than others.

For example, earth-colored tones and light hues will create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your space, and help decrease your stress. These colors are therefore ideal to allow you to focus on your projects. That’s why, if you want to beautify your office to improve your teleworking environment, it is recommended that you opt for off-white or beige-gray tones that you can use as a base. Then combine these monochrome tones with pastel colors such as sky blue or almond green hues. Harmoniously mixing monochrome tones with a touch of pastel color will allow you to inject personality into your interior and transform it into a more lively space.

The Office Location

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, it’s important to clearly define your space to set boundaries and ensure a good work-life balance. After all, your office is located in your home, which means it’s easy to forget to separate work and personal life!

Using Your Apartment

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll need to maximize your space by taking advantage of smart storage and creating a dedicated work corner in your bedroom or living room. The first step is to change the layout of your room and place your desk in a reserved corner. This will allow you to allocate a specific area to your professional activities. To separate your workspace, a screen can be used. To optimize your space, use a retractable desk with spacious shelves, a cork billboard, or other smart storage solutions such as drawer organizers.

Using the Guest Room

And if you’re lucky enough to be able to use your guest room as an office, be sure to adopt smart storage solutions as well. Not only are storage spaces important for keeping your desk clean and tidy, but they will also avoid distractions and encourage concentration. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered, paperwork-covered office to discourage a remote worker!

Use of Candles

Placing one or two scented candles on your desk or a nearby shelf will add a favorite scent to your workspace, promoting a good mood, and turning your workspace into a relaxing and soothing area. It will also help you focus more on your work, improving your creativity and productivity. Buy decorative candles with various scents such as cinnamon, jasmine, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary. You can also place them in pretty crystal candle holders or a sublime handmade porcelain handmade cup.

Unique Office Supplies

From your laptop to your post-it notes to your pens, your desk probably has a lot of supplies. Well, why not use these accessories as decorative elements for your office? For example, suppose you have a white desk. Adding a few original accessories, such as a red lamp, a green pen holder, or a black and white porcelain pencil jar, adds color to your workspace.

A Clock

Installing a wall clock isn’t just convenient for telling you the time and helping you improve your productivity. A design, vintage or industrial clock can also instantly accessorize your office corner for elegance.

A Candy Box

Chocolate is well known for its anti-stress properties. A pretty glass candy box will allow you to nibble on your favorite chocolates or cookies with delight while accessorizing your office! Don’t forget to hide your candy box once you finish your workday or you may find it empty when you return.

An Hourglass

If you’re looking for original decorative object ideas to adorn your office, a pretty glass hourglass with golden hues or a perpetual motion Newton’s pendulum with modern lines can give a contemporary look to your office corner.

Create an Accent Wall

Do you regularly have conference calls with clients or colleagues? If so, the wall behind your desk is very important! Making the effort to create a nice décor behind your desk can help you develop a better relationship with your customers while creating an elegant and beautiful workspace!

As you can see, there are many options for making your home office space more elegant. Whatever you decide, you will feel more motivated and productive.

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